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Here's What I Think

Not that it is anyone's business unless I say so.  And not that this covertly manipulated entrapment scheme called the "internet" is a reliable and worthy place to post it.  Not that most people who should be able to access it and read it aren't lowlives tantamount to "stomachs on stilts", or as one ancient Chinese sage put it, "stupid monkeys".  Well, going through life being polite, and falsely modest, before my lessers hasn't gotten me anywhere, so why should I not flip the coin and tell you what my more mature, better informed, and much better experienced judgment has become?

In good cynical form, I doubt anyone in the current Executive Administration of the USG seriously reads anything I send in when they ask what I think of what they're doing.  And frankly, I don't even give a damn!  One of my RIGHTS as a Being in My Own Right, let alone as an AMERICAN, is NOT to give a damn!  And if someone wouldn't like it, well, HOW THE HELL SHOULD THEY KNOW IF I DIDN"T STAND ON A SOAPBOX AND TELL THEM?  Probably by reaching suppositions and doing a lot of fucking spying and eavesdropping!  But the fact of the matter is, I was a very low-key person in the world, mostly interested in my private pursuits where it harmed no one else, and yet was suddenly a target of a vicious and utterly stupid aggressive campaign of the shittiest duplicity that can be described in words!  I don't care if it started as some asshole in a grey suit smoking too many cigarettes in a dark room within the "deep state", or if a defunct monarch, or if a ridiculous and pompous hierophant took exception to me, or even if it is just the petty and perennial pity that is human nature, especially in its mob and oligarch classes, to include the seemingly ineducable working and middle classes and yes, most certainly professional classes (don't get me started about the sheer history of that complicit adjunct to the mob), who seem only to be willing to know what must be stuffed in their heads so as to fulfill a role that will be dangled before them by racketeers they don't even know exist.  Hell, they don't even know what a "racket" is, though they are in varied ways dupes unto such, and often instruments and even accessories to such!

And indeed, I would have responded to such an inquiry in the past with a cursory remark, such as "would you please address this question to the Honorable Representative Dr. Ron Paul"?  That should have done the trick, but were it not for the corruption which pushed him off the stage in the party primaries when he tried to run for president.  Is Donald J. Trump the answer to that problem?  I honestly doubt it.  I don't see him as a better man than me, and who knows what the hell I'd have done better with a million dollar loan in my fate when I was young man.  I don't even care.  Human beings strike me as they always have, BESIDE THE POINT.  They don't honor the principles to which their mouths mindlessly float lip service like so many worthless IOUs, so why should I change my view just because in so many ways he seems like he might actually have a spine with balls on one end and a brain on the other?  But from what I've seen so far, I think he's about ten feet taller than anyone in either the Democratic or Republican parties, though that isn't saying much one must admit, it does say something!  Do I "believe in" him and his?  The real question might be why the hell should I believe in any of YOU?  I don't yet suspect him of actively using police state tactics, whether as policy or amusement, against me.  But as to the rest of YOU, I am damn sure that you have!

I'll have my view of the matter, and any other matter, as I see fit to have, based on the evidence and the sound use of reason which I possess, and most of you, do not.  If anyone doesn't like it, then you can go to hell, too!  I'm not here to appease anyone with about 5% the understanding of the world they are in, when they need a hell of a lot more than that to even talk to me without wasting my time.  So the only honorable recourse is go on about your damn business and stay the hell out of mine, or else issue a public challenge to a duel to the death, whenever that becomes legal again, because your little FEEWINGS have been slighted.  And leave your wife and kids out of it, or whatever your other assets in this world, because those don't matter when fundamental rights are at issue and you want to trample on them because you fucking feel like it.  And if that were to take place, we'd agree to a suitable format, and may the better man win.  Until then, and even then, SHOVE IT.  Get your own damned opinion, and try to see if you can back it up with facts and reason instead of your overly-washed brain and outsized yet deformed ego, with vanity mistaken for pride.  And yes, morons in trucks do go around provoking illicit challenges to gunplay.  They should be glad I have bigger fish to fry, and keep their wives out of their damn trucks when they do such shit.  And they should know where I stand on the matter by now unless they are clueless idiots to begin with, which they often are.

I could develop a very fair and honorable system of handling brutes, dolts and other miscreants in a way that suits their level of character and intelligence, and you can bet that I'm not afraid of that "briar patch".  I'd bet 1000-1 on myself and in a fair fight the world would be minus one idiot and I'd be a hell of a lot richer.  But that is actually BESIDE THE POINT (though it is a symbolic part of the point).  The issue here is what would I say if I were asked by the administration what I thought. What would I say to such an inquiry now?  I'd say this!  As to the question of what, if any, thoughts I'd have to share with the administration, here's what I'd say!

A hell of a lot of thoughts.  First of all, don't think that you are "saving the country", let alone "the world".  Those have never been in a condition worth saving and that's a historical fact that the victors have never been able to edit out of the history books.  It was said by someone in the Mockingbird Media that when someone like Kissinger gets the Nobel Peace Prize, then irony has left the building.  When that happens, there is no longer even the last resort of expressing the absurd as if it weren't absurd in order to make the point that it is absurd.

For the last 105 years counterfeiting, falsification of debt, war racketeering, oligarchical conspiracy to rip all rights out of society (and most importantly, each individual who comprises it) at the root and to devote the lion's share of any remainder to their lackeys and stooges. This has created one hell of a "swamp" and it isn't just in D.C.

I wouldn't presume that those who know these things should need to hear it from me, and many other things besides, such as which concern the criminal organizations which have thoroughly infiltrated society in this country SINCE IT BEGAN, because that would imply that you didn't understand the following subjects:  History, Warfare, Politics, Economics, Social Psychology, and obviously you must know something about these subjects because you're asking people what they think about the job YOU'RE doing instead of the reverse.  But don't put on your sunglasses and obligatory "blunt" if you think a de facto JUNTA is an acceptable form of a "free society".  Sure, it is a counter-junta, and I am aware it is the ONLY way that the slimy crapola which has accumulated on this country like crud on a C.H.U.D. monster is going to be cleaned off, if it is indeed at all possible.  But it is NOT what America is SUPPOSED TO BE.  And if something won't be what it is supposed to be, it has no business investigating anyone else's image and substance.  Whatever happened to the noble notion of "self sacrifice" for the sake of the ideals that founded the nation?

But as to whatever job you are doing, it must include making the FED a defunct entity, and it must include a functional bypassing of the CIA and FBI wherever possible, let alone wherever necessary.  Either that is what has been going on, or else it is what is being pretended to be what is going on.  Either way, it is what should be going on and if there is to be any meaningful chance at a true change in this FUBAR situation it is what MUST be going on. 

A lot of the publicly expressible rhetoric is truly good at what it is intended to do, which is galvanize and maintain support for a visible platform which can transition a de jure acceptable and plausible side of changes as a function of the de facto counter-junta.  But what you must not forget is that your religion, whatever it is (and I don't presume to know) shall not become my religion.  And if you think that inspires your gall, I will offer any of you a personal recourse in the matter.  I'm not above, indeed I am not BENEATH the many resorts of the True Gentleman.  So don't stoop to the hypocrisy of pretending one thing and doing another by in any way:

Spying upon me
Stalking me
Eavesdropping on me
Sabotaging me
Encroaching on me
Infiltrating my life
Maliciously investigating me
Preaching to me
etc etc

I for my part have not done such things to anyone, and it isn't the prisoners released from paying their debts to society that are the most important issue by comparison to the debt society owes every single individual it has been in any way instrumental in scapegoating for any reason.  Those people have often committed real crimes, but some of them simply dried up some flowers from a plant and smoked it.  Get off your "high horses" and stop pretending you or anyone has the right to use force against someone for doing something with their own body and mind! Turn off the idiocy that is Jeff Sessions!  Society at large has committed far worse by colluding with rackets of such scope and depth that they must be given a metaphysical status: metarackets.  Those are crimes that are not only worth life imprisonment, but which have CONVERTED LIFE IN SOCIETY INTO A LIFE OF IMPRISONMENT!  What part of TITLE 18 can I throw at society that WON'T stick?

So deep is the sinful stain of the common rung of dupes in this country that they would rather do anything at all rather than march on those who assassinated one of the handful of Presidents that actually gave a damn about them.  I'm speaking of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, not to leave out the score of other major political and social figures who have either been assassinated or at the least ignored. SOCIETY IS GUILTY OF THE CRIMES ACCUSED OF THE FIGUREHEADS WHO SIMPLY ACTED IN THEIR STEAD.

As a result of being constantly corroded by this evil acid of pervasive extortion for so long, I have had to redirect my proclivities for philosophy in its normal form and have had to develop a (pronounced here "ay" not "uh" and hence no need to falsely use "an" before an "h") heuristic methodology for discovering ANY form of falsehood or deception which is instigated in my presence.  It comes from a natural knack at discovering things which are out of place, because there is a metaphysical cause of such displacements which is for some reason innately offensive to my own character and any violation against which generates an unusual (for others) amount of GALL in me.  And I think it is in rightful proportion to the WRONGDOING which underlies these instigations.

Maybe if society had the sense not be so morally and mentally obtuse as a whole, then it would have sought to pay less lip service to honoring dignity and its rights and resorted to more meaningful actions, or in my case INACTIONS.  Instead, it chose (in all political spectra) to act like a bunch of conditioned farm animals and go for the primitive scapegoating routine. 

If my Sovereign Rights as My Own Being are not respected by anyone, or anything (including any corporation or institution), then WHAT IN HELL MAKES THEM WORTHY OF MY RESPECT?  I damn to hell anyone who, for any reason, especially for any sacrilegious rationale, dares to "tread on me".

No previous administration of this country, or any country, has ever earned my respect.  American society, if it be in spirit American at all, has completely dashed to pieces any hope of my respect or good faith, due to their own corruption and wickedness.  And anyone who thinks to spit on my claims knows that my gauntlet has collected a lot of dust, laying there waiting for a liar to pick it up.  If you want my good faith and allegiance, then you will not continue the policies of covert social engineering with all its attendant irregular warfare and civilian military operations, nor any other Staasi-type operations, except against those who have been guilty of these actions up to now.  And you will press against them with a VENGEANCE.  I want to see "knees on necks", if not ropes around them.  If you don't have the guts to pull the lever or trigger, I'll do it for free, I'm sure there is a lacking in manpower and conviction given the sheer numbers of human dung heaps involved in these almost unbelievable crimes!

As to their affects upon ME, let me elaborate a bit.  I've been subjected to covert tribunals consisting of those who are NOT MY PEERS, NOT MY BETTERS, and damn sure are NOT MY JUDGES.  This entire society has had its head up its metaphorical "Fifth Point of Contact" for so long it doesn't know its left from its right, it can't even understand the Constitution, its Laws (namely, Title 18 USC), nor the simple conscientious better judgement does it possess to simply know where society's minus 1's rights end and the "1"s rights begin.  Too asinine.  It's like an army of donkeys pretending to pin the tail on a human.

I recognize NO tribunal, military or otherwise, to have any right to examine or judge me.  I have been covertly and overtly ostracized by cowards who have attempted to gaslight me, entrap me, frame me, and overall scapegoat me.  I've had people stalk and harass me everywhere that I go, work, and live, to the point where these things have become almost impossible to do, and no doubt much of this is some modernized COINTELPRO type of crap.  I don't doubt that there are excuses which are either contrived or even based on some foible or failure of my own in life, but I'm quite sure that whatever those may be, they don't stack up to the mile-high wonder that constitutes the dirt on those who pointing the finger all this time that I have focused on basically just the FED until I realized that society really is scum that would rather live as slaves UNDER that entity, and scapegoat whoever is presented to them as the donkey (probably with the help of their CELL PHONES, don't you know), than to live as free men, who alone can understand many of my "oddball" ways, for they will have acquired a good share of their own in the eyes of the invidious and lowly who can't understand why someone doesn't envy THEM in their ill-gotten gold-gilded cages.

Yet I see out of shape, over the hill, sad sack idiots taking over jobs that should have belonged to people half their age and with at least twice their talent and wherewithal, or other people crawling into and out of alleys and wal-mart parking lots with cell phones out and heads bent perpendicularly to the ground acting like meat drones guided by an app of some kind, all of which seem utterly ignorant about the way that this society and its political economic system has been contrived to be a gilded and sometimes quite crap-smeared cage of behavior modification not even suited for monkeys.

As Arthur Schopenhauer has rightly said, this world's fate hangs in the balance which is ever-tipped by the rampant duplicity and envy of human character on all rungs of society.  Whatever you do, try and prove him and me wrong about all this, or else get out of the way and let someone else.

I worship NO ONE.  I acknowledge NO GUILT.  As I have declared to the world in my Good Faith efforts in spite of my utter reluctance to be dragged down into this world's stupidity.  I am MY OWN MAN, and I am in the position I am in now simply because the preponderant forces of society, an expression of human nature to which I am a glaring exception, has decided that I am not allowed to simply earn my keep even under these damnable and utterly falsified conditions, when all I wanted to do was spend my free time as I saw fit, as a lover of Truth and Justice, to pass my free time in study, self-cultivation, and my own pursuits generally.  And even in and amidst this disgustingly brutish and lying pack of animals, to be engaged in honest efforts to understand the Ultimate Truth of the Cosmos so as to understand HOW this realm, WHICH SHOULD NOT BE, YET IS!  What the hell, am I supposed to "confess" to some petty misdemeanor in front of TREASONOUS COWARDS?  Well, I can't be bothered by that stupid inversion of justice!

The world is so DAMNED FULL OF IT, including OUR NECK of it, that I couldn't even be allowed to do that!  Why don't you, and everyone else, just leave me the hell alone now that my place in the world has been so thoroughly sabotaged and yet with a certain irony because in WHAT WORLD would that place have obtained?  Get your cell phones out of my face, get your pretentious baby boomer assets (ass hats) out of my face, keep your bibles (which I've read more than most of you) out of my face, and RESPECT MY PRIVACY AND MY RIGHTS, or consider yours to be as good as down the toilet.

I have long since realized that the entire internet has been simply a tool of malicious sacrilege and treason, and I have NO RESPECT for anyone who should have known better (military intelligence), and who have dishonorably whored themselves out to established rackets who should have been arrested by some Federal Task Force from the DoJ, but instead were simply SUPPORTED by them, for OVER ONE HUNDRED YEARS!  Everyone with white hair disgusts me at this point!  I can't believe that my young life, or the young lives of anyone, are entrusted into the care of such corrupt morons!

So my overall advice, is mostly this: DON'T!  DON'T, whatever the hell it is you intend to DO, DON'T!  Instead, you don't, and you DON'T ALLOW anyone else to.  That's the only business of government.  If you all don't get this figured out, then may a moon-sized comet be slammed right into this cesspit, as that will most definitely "drain the swamp".

Now if I'll use those words with them, what in the hell makes YOU think I need to deal with your moronic, mobbish foolish asses?  That's all I want to say about politics.  It is a hell of a lot more than I ever wanted to say, and yet it seems to express exactly what I think about the subject at the moment, and it is based on a lot of experience with those for whom I no longer give a damn to wax eloquent.  So if you're out there "fifthin'" , you know what I think of you, what I want for you, and what you deserve.  And if you aren't "fifthin'", then you best keep it that way, or your unworthy souls will be punished accordingly.  Metempsychosis is real, and not in the way you might think.  Ever notice how you were "suddenly here" in this world, through perhaps the oddest manner of entrance?  Your death is an inevitable outcome of that conception and birth, and is the exit, but only from this stage.  After the play acting here is done, you face your fans.

Why do I say these things?  Because they're what I think.  They've been my thoughts for a long time, and are thoughts concerning actual events I've experienced and the actions I've seen taken against me, not only in critical ways and at times, but over a chronic duration and with a strategic intent the East Germans call "corrosion".   I've announced my assessments to anyone who would hear, and yet with the growing knowledge that the internet is a weaponized system of distortion of the public's right to freely communicate with itself.  So I kept an ongoing record of all this and presented it to the public at all stages of the events I describe, both personally in my life and in my assessment of their general implications as part of a systematic event, which in its essence describes the world, its degree of veracity, its actual nature compared to its pretenses, and the eschatological implications of these things.

The facts "on the ground" will speak well-enough on their own but people would rather be out in the streets fifthin' than be out on the streets protesting the assassination of JFK or Lincoln.  At least Jackson died in a duel, one of many.  Good for him.  But the facts on the ground include the reasons they died, and the nature of the crimes and enemies they were fighting.  Now those enemies have gone deep into the soil and become a fifth column entity, a parallel entity, as if from space.  What is "space" but an idea?  But the meaning here is a region of existence far from your view. Occult to you, veiled from your sight.  What is that but an analogy occupied by anyone who dares put on the moniker of "social engineer" or "civil defense league" when all they mean is influence rackets?  

So even though the obvious significance of outer space is not lost on someone, and that is what makes it useful rhetoric, it is more meaningful as a metaphor for something which exists parallel to that one and uses it as a sublime form of propaganda cover, and a means by which to rationalize through such metaphor many actions taken by people "on the ground" through special warfare which has been, technically, conducted on the American people already, properly speaking, by the same "deep swamp" that President Trump is now waist deep in at least.  Look at the political maneuvering he has to do, if that is how one rationalizes the news feeds, so that he can manipulate the visible tapestry of the "face of government" so that any meaningful maneuvers "behind the scenes of this world, far from view" can go on simultaneously?  The only people that should be getting "fifthed" in this country are those I call the social engineering rackets.  They are organically attached to other, more classical rackets, at least as known by the majority of people.  That is to say everything that is a federal felony.  So they are combining those structures of organized crime with larger social objectives which involve the systematic violation of the entire Bill of Rights.  That makes them the most deadly and present threat to the Constitution which does or can exist.  A Fifth Column if I ever saw an instance of one.

Just follow the money, and recite the alphabet.  And watch my video about the fundamental facts about this world which are covertly active in ways that exponentially distort the world into a systematic racket.   This has real, full spectrum dominance applications which are not only possible because of it, but in fact are necessary to maintain it. So here's what I think and it is thoroughly grounded on what I thought before the government got a facelift.  And if you are reading this, you are also, somehow, in the covert internet topology that includes a representation of my expression as the image and sound before you.  But beware of MIMAs.

Those earlier expressions were to possible worlds where there was a Good Faith effort on the part of some to destroy this Fifth Column.  It was a symbolic expression with a metaphysical basis, not a mere catharsis.  But in my estimate, they were made in a world which had become hopelessly corrupted and thoroughly treacherous. Through their social tinkering and other organized crime which caused and depended upon those instruments to add to its arsenal of extortion against the public yet another justification and layer of obfuscation to its racket. What I said then I would still say now if it came to any of these points when, when once made, needn't be but referenced. The irony that is visible by the perspective it reveals is that while those who lurked in neighboring units at that time were being misled that I was talking to myself or to them, when I was recording and broadcasting to anyone in the world who should have had a chance to hear it.  It was to the world, about the world.  Yet, it was just they to whom the least favorable elements of the message apply, who were eavesdropping, stalking, spying, sabotaging, encroaching, and otherwise infringing my rights, who I had by then suspected had about an 80% chance of closing internet topologies around certain user-nodes as part of an overarching weapon system which augments classical methods of irregular warfare which, when conducted on domestic soil constitute FEDERAL FELONIES

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